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Travel pod
Travel pod.jpg

Travel pod, forward view

Travel pod, forward view
Owner: United Federation of Planets
Operator: Starfleet
Type: Shuttlepod
Active: 2270s - 2280s
Crew complement: 8
Travel pod 05.jpg

Travel pod, side view

Travel pod, side view
Travel pod interior.jpg

Travel pod interior

Travel pod interior

A travel pod was a small Federation shuttlepod predominately used during the 23rd century by facilities like the San Francisco Fleet Yards to transfer personnel to drydocks or spaceships without having to use transporters. These vessels had a flight crew that could include one pilot and up to seven passengers.

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At least two travel pods that were numbered differently from those seen in the film have appeared in Paramount-licensed works. In early concept paintings that production illustrator Michael Minor created for The Motion Picture, a travel pod numbered "4" can be seen. (The Art of Star Trek, pp. 15-153, 168-169) The first edition of the Star Trek Encyclopedia had a diagram of a travel pod labeled 06.

In the book Ships of the Line (pp. 74-75), the travel pod was classified as a Mark II-B pod.

For information on the studio model, see: Travel pod model

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