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The El-Aurian homeworld was a planet in the El-Aurian system that was the homeworld of a species known as the El-Aurians.

During the mid-23rd century most of the planet's inhabitants were wiped out by the Borg. A small number of El-Aurian survivors fled the planet and scattered themselves throughout the galaxy. (TNG: "Q Who", "Ensign Ro", "I Borg") Guinan, a bartender aboard the USS Enterprise-D, was El-Aurian. (citation needededit)

In 2293, two ships, the SS Lakul and SS Robert Fox, were transporting El-Aurian refugees to Earth, but were destroyed, and only forty-seven refugees were saved. (Star Trek Generations) Martus Mazur was among the refugees from the El-Aurian system. (DS9: "Rivals")

According to, El-Auria was the name of a star. This star was located far beyond Federation space. [1]
In the non-canon Star Trek novel Engines of Destiny, the name of the El-Aurian homeworld is given as "El-Auria."

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