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Douglas "Doug" Drexler was a Human Starfleet officer.

In the 2360s, he was the commanding officer of the USS Mare Tranquillitatis. He was mentioned in the Personnel Status Report of Lieutenant Keith G. Rocha. (TNG: "Aquiel", okudagram)

In 2372, he was named as a Systems Management officer on the dedication plaque of the USS Enterprise-E. (Star Trek: First Contact, dedication plaque)

Later that year, he was named as a Science Ops officer on the dedication plaques of Defiant-class starships. (DS9: "Valiant", dedication plaque; DS9: "The Dogs of War", dedication plaque)

Command division crewmember in Ten Forward, 2366

A command division crewmember

This character Drexler was named for production staff associate Doug Drexler. This name did not originate in the dialog or script of a canon production, but was featured on set artwork including the personnel file of Lieutenant Keith Rocha. Coincidentally, Drexler also played an unnamed Starfleet crewperson of the same era, as an extra in a cameo role that might be the person referred to here. There has been no cause given to corroborate the unnamed character played by him with this unseen character named for him.

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