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Donna Ippolito is an editor of fiction and role playing games. She worked for FASA through the 1980s and 1990s, working on a variety of their gaming titles, including Battletech, Shadowrun, and Star Trek. In addition, she edited the entire Classic Battletech and Shadowrun novel series for the company, mostly published by Roc Books. In addition to this work, she has been an editor for major writers including Anaïs Nin and Allen Tate.

Prior to joining FASA in 1985, she worked for The Swallow Press in Chicago, a small publisher known for publishing Anaïs Nin's works and works about her. She currently teaches writing in Connecticut for the Long Ridge Writers Group and is also the executive editor of Thinking of Anaïs Nin, the official Nin website. In addition to this work, Ippolito was a founding editor of Black Maria, a quarterly journal of women's writing.

For the Star Trek line from FASA, she was credited as senior editor or proofreader on almost every title, and was also credited with "additional writing" on the second edition release of "The Klingons".

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