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Lt. Dan Bell

Lt. Dan Bell
Species: Hologram
Appearance: Human Male
Holoprogram: Dixon Hill series
Creator: Tracy Tormé, Broht & Forrester
Occupation: Police Lieutenant
Spouse(s): one wife
Played by: William Boyett

Lieutenant Dan Bell was a surly police officer from the Dixon Hill series who was charged with the interrogation of Dixon Hill following the murder of Jessica Bradley in the story The Big Good-Bye.

Bell had a strong dislike for Hill and believed that he was the murderer. He conducted a harsh interrogation of Hill, but when his partner, Lieutenant McNary, tried to protect him, Bell chastised him.

Bell was married. To ease the discomfort of the interrogation, Lieutenant McNary, told Dixon Hill, "His old lady's giving him a hard time." (TNG: "The Big Goodbye")

Lt. Bell was played by William Boyett.
In the TNG novel A Hard Rain, Bell is referred to as a friend of Dixon Hill.

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