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Issue #1 cover

Publisher: Malibu Comics
DC Comics
Series: Malibu DS9
DC TNG volume 2
Published: October 1994 to January 1995
Issues: 4
Stardate: Begins on 47268.4 (2370)

Premise Edit

This landmark crossover series was done in cooperation between DC Comics and Malibu Comics, crossing over their Next Generation and Deep Space Nine titles. This is the first time that the two companies combined their licenses for Star Trek materials. The first and last issues were published by DC, while the middle two by Malibu.

It ran between October 1994 and January 1995 and by its stardate, fits into the Next Generation timeline between "Dark Page" and "Attached" and the Deep Space Nine timeline between "Rules of Acquisition" and "Necessary Evil".

Titan Books published a trade paperback volume collecting the entire series titled "The Landmark Crossover" in August 1995.

Creators Edit

Issues Edit

  1. "Prophets and Losses" (published by DC Comics)
  2. "The Wormhole Trap" (published by Malibu Comics)
  3. "Encounter With the Othersiders" (published by Malibu Comics)
  4. "The Unseen Enemy" (published by DC Comics)

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