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Author(s): Greg Bear
Artist(s): Boris Vallejo
Publisher: Pocket Books
Series: Pocket TOS #15
Titan Books #24
Published: April 1984
1 August 2000 (reprint)
Pages: 192
Stardate: 4380.4-4997.54 (2269)
Reference(s): ISBN 0671473905 (paperback)
ISBN 074340372X (reprint)
ASIN B000FBJHEE (Kindle)

A cosmic force rules a distant planetoid - and the universe is about to explode!

Summary Edit

From the book jacket
An awesome, sentient force of protostars – Corona – has taken control of a stranded team of Vulcan scientists. The USS Enterprise has come on a rescue mission, with a female reporter and a new computer that can override Kirk's command. Suddenly, the rescuers must save themselves and the entire Universe – before Corona unleashes a Big Bang!

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Background Information Edit

  • This is the only Star Trek novel written by Greg Bear.

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Canon CharactersEdit

James T. Kirk 




Vulcan Science Academy; Deltan; Romulan; Romulan Neutral Zone

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