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Author(s): Michael Jan Friedman
Artist(s): Dru Blair
Publisher: Pocket Books
Series: Pocket TOS #86
My Brother's Keeper #2
Published: January 1999
Pages: 288
Stardate: Unknown (2259, 2265)
Reference(s): ISBN 0671019198
ISBN 0743454030 (eBook)
ASIN B000FBJHDK (Kindle)

Two friends are divided by a question of life or death!

Summary Edit

From the book jacket
Continuing the powerful story of Jim Kirk's lost friend, the man who helped shape a Starfleet captain...
Gary Mitchell is dead, killed by his best friend for the sake of his ship. As Captain Kirk returns home in sadness, he recalls the first time he held Gary's life in his hands: Seven years earlier, the two men have been assigned to the USS Constitution, Gary as chief navigator and Kirk as second officer, when the starship comes to the defense of an alien world menaced by ruthless invaders. An early attack leaves both the captain and the first officer in comas, and Jim Kirk must take command for the first time. He finds himself with only one chance to defeat the heavily armed enemy – but the cost may be Gary Mitchell's life!

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Background Information Edit

Characters Edit

James T. Kirk
Gary Mitchell
Captain of Constitution.
Captain of Defiant.
Garrovick (Captain)
Referred to as late captain of Farragut.
Klingon captain of Stormwind.
Enterprise navigator. Lieutenant.

References Edit

Constitution class, NCC-1700, Datalore

Diagram of USS Constitution

USS Carolina 
Federation starship.
USS Constitution 
Constitution-class Federation starship of Captain Augenthaler. Kirk serves as second officer, and Mitchell as navigator.
USS Defiant orbiting Earth, 2155


USS Defiant 
Constitution-class Federation starship of Captain Serling.
Delta Vega 
Planet where Mitchell dies.
D7 class
USS Enterprise, TOS opening credits


USS Enterprise 
Constitution-class Federation starship that Kirk ends up commanding.
Constitutions formation

Excalibur, Lexington and Potemkin in formation

USS Excalibur 
Constitution-class Federation starship.
USS Farragut 
Constitution-class Federation starship, late of Captain Garrovick.
USS Lexington 
Constitution-class Federation starship.
USS Potemkin 
Constitution-class Federation starship.
USS Republic 
Constitution-class Federation starship.
IKS Stormwind (β)
Klingon D-7 of Captain Ibrach.

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