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[[bg:Категория:Персонал на Ентърпрайз (NX-01)]]
[[bg:Категория:Персонал на Ентърпрайз (NX-01)]]
[[fr:Catégorie:Equipage Enterprise NX-01]]
[[fr:Catégorie:Equipage Enterprise NX-01]]
[[nl:Categorie:Enterprise (NX-01) personeel]]

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Jonathan Archer, 2151
Jonathan Archer, Captain of Enterprise

This category has been created to list the titles of articles regarding personnel who serve or have served on the Enterprise (NX-01).

This is based on the list of Enterprise (NX-01) personnel. Any article or subcategory that lists unnamed Enterprise (NX-01) characters will also be listed here.


This category has only the following subcategory.

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