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Calvin "Cal" Hudson (2370)

Calvin "Cal" Hudson (2370)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation: Maquis (formerly Federation Starfleet)
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Occupation: Maquis leader
Status: Deceased (2373)
Marital Status: Widowed
Spouse(s): Gretchen Hudson (deceased)
Played by: Bernie Casey

Lieutenant Commander Calvin "Cal" Hudson was Starfleet's first attaché to the Federation colonies in the Demilitarized Zone. Hudson and Benjamin Sisko were close personal friends, having graduated from Starfleet Academy together. Hudson also knew Curzon Dax, who was apparently privy to personal information concerning the officer. He was married to Gretchen Hudson, who died in the late 2360s.

According to a cut line from DS9: "The Maquis, Part II", Curzon Dax once persuaded Hudson and Sisko to play a game of dom-jot against two Zakdorn on Pelios Station. The Zakdorn won each game played over seven hours and Curzon revealed he had bet on their victory.

Hudson was leading a double life. Although assigned by Starfleet as the attaché to the planets in the Demilitarized Zone, he was an influential leader of the Maquis. After years of seeing the suffering and abuse of the colonists by the Cardassians, he joined the Maquis. He used his Starfleet position to secure intelligence and supplies for the Maquis. In 2370, Sisko uncovered Hudson's deception during the investigation of the explosion of the Bok'Nor and the kidnapping of Gul Dukat. (DS9: "The Maquis, Part I", "The Maquis, Part II")

He was killed in a skirmish with the Cardassians while fighting for the Maquis in 2373. (DS9: "Blaze of Glory")

Calvin Hudson was played by Bernie Casey.

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