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Yuri from orbit

Type: Planet
Location: Braslota system
Oneamisu sector
For the Trelonian general, please see Yiri.

Yuri (or Braslota II) was the second planet in the Braslota system. This system was located in the Oneamisu sector. Starfleet had the eighty-year old starcruiser USS Hathaway temporary placed in orbit of this planet in 2365 when the planet was chosen as an element in Operation Lovely Angel, a Starfleet battle simulation.

In the exercise, the Hathaway and the USS Enterprise-D were to attempt to combat for orbital space around Yuri, commit an attack on first planet Totoro, and defend against assault from next planet, Kei.

The position and orbital path of Yuri was illustrated in a system map that was displayed in the observation lounge of the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG: "Peak Performance")

Braslota system

Braslota system

In the system map, Yuri was depicted as having a ring system.
Most of the simulation information was in-joke references to the Japanese Anime (Japanese animation) series Dirty Pair, this planet included. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion)

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