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Boraal II
Boraal II.jpg

Boraal II from orbit

Class: Formerly M
Type: Planet
Status: Rendered uninhabitable by atmospheric dissipation (2370)
Native Species: Boraalan
Location: Boraal system
Boraal II after atmospheric dissipation.jpg

The surface of Boraal II

Boraal II was the second planet in the Boraal planetary system. Formerly a Class M world, it was home to the Boraalan civilization.

Dr. Nikolai Rozhenko studied the civilization for many years, and there was a cultural observation post set up on the planet.

In 2370, Boraal II suffered an atmospheric dissipation. There were severe storms for several days prior to the dissipation, which forced Rozhenko and a group of the Boraalans into caves. The USS Enterprise-D responded to Rozhenko's distress call, and arrived in time to watch all life on the planet be destroyed and the planet become uninhabitable. The Enterprise's systems were slightly damaged by the plasmonic discharges during the dissipation.

Although most of the Boraalans were killed, Rozhenko was successful in transporting his group to the Enterprise holodeck, violating the Prime Directive and forcing Captain Picard to order that the Boraalans be resettled. Dr. Beverly Crusher and Commander Data chose Vacca VI, a world slightly less hospitable than Boraal II, as the new home for the Boraalans. (TNG: "Homeward")

According to the script for this episode, the pronunciation for Boraal was "bore-AL". [1]

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