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Atrea IV
Atrea IV from orbit
Type: Planet
Native Species: Atreans
Location: Atrea system

Atrea IV was the inhabited fourth planet of the Atrea system. It was the homeworld of the humanoid Atreans.

In 2370, it was discovered that Atrea IV's molten core was cooling, which was creating major seismic activity around the planet. Atrean scientists estimated that their planet would become uninhabitable in thirteen months. The USS Enterprise-D was sent to assist the government to correct the problems. Lieutenant Commanders Data and Geordi La Forge were teamed up with Atrean scientists Doctor Pran Tainer and his wife Dr. Juliana Tainer. They developed a means to re-liquify the core using a ferroplasmic infusion, which injected heat into the planet to stabilize the core for centuries. (TNG: "Inheritance")

According to the script for this episode, the pronunciation for Atrea was "A-tree-uh". [1]

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