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Gender: Male
Species: Native of Sarpeidon
Occupation: Overseer of a library and the atavachron
Status: Alive (2269)
Played by: Ian Wolfe

Mr. Atoz was an inhabitant of the planet Sarpeidon whose sun was going supernova. He was the overseer of a library and the atavachron, a time portal device that he used to transport the inhabitants of the planet into the past in order to escape its destruction. He had replicas of himself to help him in the library.

When Kirk, Spock, and McCoy arrived on the planet to investigate its star going supernova, Atoz believed that they were citizens of his world and chided them for being late for transport. After Kirk escaped the past of the planet, he forced Atoz to help him locate Spock and McCoy. Atoz, at first, resisted and attempted to send Kirk back to the past. When the missing men were located and returned to the present, Atoz went through one of the portals to his planet's past to escape the supernova. (TOS: "All Our Yesterdays")

Mr. Atoz was played by actor Ian Wolfe.
The name for this character was selected to suggest how one might search a library: from "A to Z". (Star Trek Encyclopedia)
He appeared in the novel Yesterday's Son

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