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(written from a Production point of view)
Alien Spotlight Cardassians cover.jpg

Cover image

Writer(s): Arne and Andy Schmidt
Artist(s): Augustin Padilla
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Editor(s): Scott Dunbier
Series: Alien Spotlight v2 #5
Published: 9 December 2009
Pages: 22
Stardate: Unknown (Unknown)
Reference(s): ASIN B002ZY4FTQ
Alien Spotlight Cardassians RI cover.jpg

Alternate cover image

Summary Edit

Background information Edit

  • Two covers were produced for this issue: Cover A by Augustin Padilla and a retailer incentive version of Cover A without titles.
  • Due to a customs holdup, the issue was delayed in reaching comic stores on the US West Coast until 16 December 2009.
  • The issue sold an estimated 5,828 copies in comic specialty stores via Diamond Comic Distributors in December 2009. [1] These figures do not cover copies sold via bookstores and other retail channels.
  • According to Andy Schmidt, the story of his brother's involvement is as follows: "I pitched the idea to editor Scott Dunbier and he liked it. When it was approved by CBS and I sat down to write it, I realized that the main character as I had pitched him was actually my character from a Star Trek role playing game that Arne had been the GM for. So, I was writing a story about a character that he and I had already co-created for the campaign. So, I called up Arne and asked him if he wanted to help. It seemed like the right thing to do. He was enthusiastic about it and really earned his keep. He's the bigger Trekker of the two of us and he helped bring some really great nuances to the issue and he suggested using Garak, whom I didn't originally have in the pitch. It was the inclusion of Garak that really made the whole issue click into place."

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