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Alfa 177 canine

An Alfa 177 dog-like animal.

The Alfa 177 canine is a species of dog native to the planet Alfa 177. It is very similar to an Earth dog, with the exception of a horn on its head, a scaled backbone, and thin gold antennae sprouting from its head.

Alfa 177 canine, The squire of Gothos

The stuffed head of an Alfa 177 dog-like animal.

In 2266, a specimen of this species was brought aboard the Enterprise. After the transporter became infected with a yellow magnetic dust from the planet, they unknowingly tried to beam the canine back down. It rematerialized as two different dogs, one, a very gentle and shy one; the other was a very angry and dangerous one that would try to bite anyone who came near it, so it had to be put in a box in the transporter room. After they believed they repaired the transporter, they tried reintegrating the two. Although the procedure itself appeared to be a success, the animal was found dead, possibly due to the shock of reintegration. (TOS: "The Enemy Within")

The stuffed head of an Alfa 177 canine was on display in Trelane's mansion on Gothos. (TOS: "The Squire of Gothos")

According to Star Trek Maps (pg. 22), the species name given to this animal was Canis Alfa.
The headpiece of the dogs costume was used for the sequence when the dog rematerialized dead in the failed transporter attempt, and was later re-used as one of Trelane's trophies.

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