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Akaali homeworld
Akaali homeworld.jpg

Enterprise enters orbit, 2151

Class: Minshara class
Type: Planet
Satellites: None
Native Species: Akaali
Location: 78 light years from Earth
Affiliation: Pre-warp, pre-industrial
Akaali coastal city from orbit.jpg

Coastal Akaali city from orbit

The Akaali homeworld was an inhabited planet in an unnamed star system. This Minshara class planet, located seventy-eight light years from Earth, was the homeworld of the Akaali, a pre-warp humanoid species.

Prior to first contact with Humans in 2151, the Akaali homeworld had an abundant variety of flora and fauna. This pre-industrial planet had a population of about five hundred million. There were dozens of cities on each continent. The outskirts of these cities had smaller populations with farms. There were dozens of languages. This world had yet to officially encounter an alien species - but some aliens were secretly involved in a mining operation that was poisoning the unaware Akaali.

A section of the eastern continent was divided into provinces. In one of these provinces, there was a city where everyone was required to carry identification papers.

Akaali Homeworld from orbit

Enterprise sends a shuttle to the surface

In early 2150, a Malurian named Garos began secretly mining Veridium ore on the planet. Foreign chemicals in the drills began seeping into the water supply, and killing thousands of Akaali. The apothecary Riann began suspecting the newcomer Garos, and investigated his actions.

In July of 2151, Enterprise NX-01 visited the planet. Upon entering orbit, Enterprise noted that there were no artificial satellites or ships in the area. Captain Jonathan Archer decided to send an away team to visit the eastern continent after detecting an alien antimatter reactor there. After further investigation, they forced Garos and his cohorts to leave the planet. Captain Archer then removed the mining equipment, had Dr. Phlox synthesize an antidote for those afflicted, and spoke with the Vulcans, who agreed to check on the planet from time to time to make sure the Malurians were not taking advantage of them anymore. (ENT: "Civilization")

Background Edit

Star Trek: Star Charts Edit

  • Akaali: Akaali was the third planet in the Akaali (Omega Sagittarii) planetary system. Akaali was classified as a M class world that wasn't unified under a uniglobal government. Instead, the world was divided between several nation-states. The world was non-aligned, and wasn't warp capable. The estimated population of this non-aligned world in 2370 was 200 million Akaalans. The society was nearly equivalent to late 20th century Earth. (pg. 54)
  • Akaali (Omega Sagittarii) system: This system was a single star system. Akaali was a G class star with a magnitude of +5, which was the same brightness as Sol.

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