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Buzz Aldrin, 1159.jpg

Buzz Aldrin taking his first step on the Moon

Buzz Aldrin taking his first step on the Moon
For information about Star Trek releases and related events in 1969, please see 1969 productions.

Events Edit

Enterprise arrives sometime between July 10th and July 15th.
  • August 15th - Maury Ginsberg hitches a lift to the Woodstock music festival in New York on Earth. He notices that a cable connecting to the speaker system has come unplugged and reconnects it. If he had not noticed, the festival might have been a failure. He is not aware that the man who drives him there is the member of the Q Continuum later known as Quinn. (VOY: "Death Wish")
This assumes the fault is found before the festival as a whole begins.

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1968 20th century

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