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Elizabeth Cutler

Elizabeth Cutler

Elizabeth Cutler was a crewmember and an entomologist assigned to the Enterprise NX-01 in the early 2150s.

In 2151, Curler participated in her first away mission when T'Pol requested her assistance on the planet that became Archer IV. While on the planet, Cutler was exposed to tropolisine, but fortunately for her, was not psychologically affected by the compound before being successfully treated by Dr. Phlox. Later that year, as part of her training as a medic, Cutler accompanied Phlox to the planet Valakis to assist in treatment of the Valakians. The two studied the differences between the Valakians and the Menk.

In February 2152, Cutler assisted in the initiation of Phlox's yearly hibernation requirement while the crew partook of shore leave in orbit of Risa. She acted as Chief Medical Officer for a time, but was unable to treat Travis Mayweather, and Phlox had to be awoken to assist.
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